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Technical References

Tax Collector's Law Book

The Tax Collector’s Law Book provides a comprehensive listing of New Hampshire state statutes (RSA’s) pertaining to the collection of real estate taxes. This book is revised by the Association in the fall of each year to properly reflect recent changes to the laws.

The Law Book is available in two formats – as a word document or a pdf file. The word document has two parts. These files include separate items as described below. Please print each file to obtain a complete handbook. The files are large and may take some time to load so please be patient.

The pdf version of the Law Book is in one single document with the index included.

NHTCA Recommended Policy & Procedure Manual

This manual is a compilation of recommended policies and procedures that will assist the tax collector in performing his/her duties. 

Outline of Duties by Month

The following outline is only a guide to assist you in the performance of your duties. Actual dates can differ from those listed (and which are not specified by RSA) from one community to another.

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