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Outline of Duties by Month

The following outline is only a guide to assist you in the performance of your duties. Actual dates can differ from those listed (and which are not specified by RSA) from one community to another.


Prepare for Audit (If your fiscal year is the calendar year).

Year-End Reports including the MS-61.

Notice of Arrearage (RSA 76:11-b) to be mailed within 90 days of final bill due date. May include unpaid water, sewer, yield, current use, gravel/excavation taxes, and any other tax.



Prepare for Deeding Notices

(RSA 80:77-a) by researching mortgagees (or by subcontracting) for notification of impending tax deed.


1st:  Abatement Filing Deadline

31st:  Last Day to Mail Bills (RSA 76:11)committed March 1st (if applicable).

Certified Tax Lien Notices (RSA 80:60)

Certified Tax Deed Notices (RSA 80:77)

Copy of Deed Notice to Mortgagee (RSA 80:77-a)

Order Supplies for semi-annual billing (if applicable).


Affidavit of Execution of Real Estate Lien (RSA 80:61; 80:64).

Report of Tax Lien to Registry of Deeds (RSA 80:64).


15th:  Deadline for Semi-Annual Warrant to Tax Collector (RSA 76:15-a).

Tax Lien/Deed Property Mortgagee Search and Notices mailed (RSA 80:65).

Tax Bills Mailed by May 31 have a July 1 due date (RSA 76:15-a).


NHTCA Dues payable by municipality (RSA 31:8) and NHTCA By-Laws Article V, Section 1 states a due date of

June 30.

End of Fiscal Year (if applicable)

Tax Bills Mailed by May 31 have a July 1 due date (RSA 76:15-a).


Property Tax Due (RSA 76:15-a) with 8% interest if paid after the 1st (if applicable).

Prepare for Audit (if your fiscal year ends June 30).

Year End Reports including MS-61


Office Organization — purging of previous year tax files, records retention/preservation.

30th:  Last Day for Notice of Lien (RSA 80:60) if not done already for current tax year.

Vacation — You Deserve It!


Order Supplies for final billing.

30th:  Last Day for Lien Execution (RSA 80:19) if necessary.


Tax Bills Mailed by October 31(RSA 76:13) with a December 1 due date.


Mortgagee Notices mailed (RSA 80:65) resulting from September lien by November 14 if necessary.


Property Taxes Due (RSA 76:13) with 8% interest if paid after the 1st.

Order Supplies for Notice of Tax Delinquencies/Tax Lien/Tax Deed/ Mortgagee Notices

End of Fiscal Year

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