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"The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work"  Mark Twain

NH Tax Collectors’ Association/NH City & Town Clerks’ Association

Joint Certification Program

Experts agree that professional success depends primarily upon human relations skills. Superior human relations skills enhanced with detailed technical knowledge combine together to create the kind of professional image we all strive to project. The quest to gain these powerful tools of the trade has been fulfilled with the formation of the NHTCA/NHCTCA Joint Certification Program. The certification program includes courses specifically tailored to meet the needs of Tax Collectors and City or Town Clerks while retaining the general education courses common to both professions. Designed as individual courses that are not dependent upon prior years studies, each course offers insight into a specific realm of professional development.

Classes are held during the summer months each year and take place over the course of one week.

(Partial/full scholarships are available to individuals restricted from attending due to budgetary constraints.)


2024 Certification Week

August 5-9, 2024 at PRIMEX

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